Sunday, 15 January 2017

Disgrace, 1999, J.M. Coetzee *****

David Lurie (white South African) has sexual intercourse with one of his students, Melanie. To say it is consensual is hard, due to the unequal power relationship between both parties. Professor and student. He is expelled. Following the scandal, he visits his grown up daughter in the country side, where she "farms". While he is there, they are attacked by some black South Africans in their own house, something terrible happens. Another scandal, How will he survive this time? The two of them alone in

Friday, 6 January 2017

2016 Reading Highlight

Below are my 2016 reading  highlights. I READ, I ENJOYED and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Next week I will be announcing my book of the year.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year 2017

Yes,  I can now say that 2016 was fantastic, I read 21 books!  At least I did better than last year, I read a book more.

What about you? have you read any book mentioned above? How was your reading experience in 2016? Please tell us, or post link to your review.

Wishing you a prosperous reading in 2017.

Please click on image to read review.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Little Boys Come from the Stars,1998, Emmanuel Dongala ***

"Little Boys Come from the Stars" is a story told from the voice of one of triplet brothers, Matapari (Michel). He was born a day after his twin brothers were born, sort of a miracle child. In my opinion, an account that did not add much to the story.

He narrates about the political life in the Republic of Congo, its independence from the French, the role he, his beloved grand father and his father  played. He narrates about corruption, nepotism, coup d'etat, revolution and democracy in his home country.

His father like his grand father is very learned and just in his ways. His mother is

Monday, 12 December 2016

Blogger Spotlight: Bookshy by an African book lover

Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed is from Nigeria – born and raised in Lagos, to a Nigerian father from Nasarawa and a British-Caribbean mother of Kittian heritage. She left for university a little over 12 years ago. She currently lives in London where she blogs from. Zahra is a Research Fellow at a research institute, focusing on women’s rights and women’s economic empowerment. At the moment of the interview, she is taking a new role in a social development firm – still working on women’s economic empowerment. Her educational background has largely been in the field of Geography and International Development. Her undergraduate degree is in Human and Physical Geography (University of Reading). Her Masters in Urbanisation and Development (with a strong focus on gender) and her PhD in Human Geography and Urban Studies.

How long have you been blogging for? How long do you look forward to blog for?
I started blogging December 12, 2011 (I actually remember the first post I ever wrote and where I was when I wrote it) – so almost 5 years now. As for how long I see myself blogging? I honestly don’t know. I like to think for as long as I still love it and enjoy it, and so far that love hasn’t gone away. 

How often do you blog? 
Nowadays it’s pretty erratic, and happens either when I have the time or when I have a thought or idea that I really must write about and I’m too excited to not blog about it.

Do you blog for a living?

Sunday, 4 December 2016

So The Path Does Not Die, 2012, Pede Hollist ****

Fina is snatched away by her father from the middle of an initiation rituals that her grand mother has prepared for her in the forrest. Following that, she left her village to the city with her parents and little sister. Life in the city is not as promised, she loses her father and is forced to leave the country for the U.S.A. Life in  America is not as expected either, however, there are opportunities so she grabs them.

Nevertheless, she still does not feel she belongs, somehow in many ways her past continues to haunt her, she feels that there is a circle in her past life in Sierra Leone that is not yet closed. However, how does she return back home if her country is in the throes of a civil war and all her family members are dead or displaced.

Will this feeling of not belonging let her lead a peaceful and fulfilling life in

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Kindle Scout—Another Publication Option for African Genre Fiction by P. Zoro

Getting a literary agent is next to impossible, and traditional publishing deals remain an unattainable dream to most writers. Markets are also limited to the writer’s local country except where the writer is signed on by an international publisher. However, over the last decade, African writers like Nnedi Okorafor have expanded into genre fiction. The advent of e-books and self-publishing platforms like Amazon and Smashwords have also changed the landscape. 

Kindle Scout might just change everything for African writers. Kindle Scout is a

Blogger Spotlight: Reading Pleasure ~ A blog of books and literature

Celestine Nudanu is the owner and creator of Reading Pleasure ~ A blog of books and literature. She is from Ghana where she lives and blogs from. She studied English with Theatre Arts for her undergraduate program and International Affairs for her graduate degree. She is a Senior Assistant Registrar, coordinating Administrative Systems with the University of Professional Studies, Legon, Accra-Ghana. She is also author of HAIKU RHAPSODIES (Verses from Ghana)

What inspired you to start a book blog?
I've always loved reading; from as far back as I can remember. In school I used to sit up late with my friends discussing books we had read. So the love for books and the discussions led me to believe that I could review the books I read on my blog, especially when I realised others were doing exactly that on their blogs. I believe that reviews on my blog would generate a healthy discussion among book lovers all over the blogosphere. 

Do you blog for a living?

Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Official Wife, 1993, Mary Karooro Okurut ***

The Official Wife is the story of Liz and her husband, upper middle class Ugandans. She narrates on how her husband falls out of love with her and starts to love another woman and is determined to be a polygamist. Not only that, he also comes to be psychologically abusive. First of all he develops a tendency to promiscuity, has  an affair with the housemaid, disgraces his wife in front of her house employees. Liz, on the other hand, instead of walking away from a man that apparently do not value her worth, she decides to win back his love. One of the most demeaning chapter to read was when she learns the name of the hotel and the room number where her husband is lodged with his lover, she decides

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Blogger Spotlight: Incessant Scribble

Incessant Scribble is an African Literary blog owned by Osondu Nnamdi Awaraka born in Lagos, grew up in Port Harcourt and then moved to Houston, Texas where he currently blogs from. He is a graduate from Texas A&M with a Doctor of Pharmacy, will be a licensed pharmacist once he is done with his board exams.

In your blog introduction you said I was born in Lagos, Nigeria in the late 1980's…. I immigrated to America in March 2009… Do you look forward to returning to Nigeria?
Yes, I do! I haven’t been back to Nigeria since I left. My plan was to focus on getting my degree and then go back to visit. I’ll plan my trip once I’m done with my board exams.

What inspired you to start your blog?
I started Incessant Scribble because I wanted to share my writings. I had been writing for some time and I would always show it to my friends and family but I wanted a broader audience. I was initially worried that I wouldn’t be able to blog frequently enough and all the other fears of the unknown but my friend Onyeka Nwelue really, really encouraged me to start. 

How did you fall upon the name “Incessant Scribble”? incessantly scribbling :-), I love it by the way. What does it stand for for you?
Thank you! It spoke to what I felt I wanted to do with my life. To constantly write stories. It’s a need. And even when I’m not jotting down my stories (like during my college years when I was so consumed with school work), I’m constantly just mentally sorting out my stories till I can put them down on paper. 

For how long have you been blogging and for how long do you look forward to book blogging?
I’ve been blogging since March 2008. I plan to keep blogging until my tenth anniversary in March 2018 at the very least. I hope to keep blogging after then but there is only so much time an individual has and so many projects and journeys I hope to embark on in this life. It’s something I’ll figure out in detail as I get closer to March 2018. 

What is the highest amount of book you’ve read in a year? 
Sadly, I don’t have a number for that. I’m so good at keeping tabs on everything but that isn’t something that I’ve bothered with. There are years when I read books without even reviewing them so my literary blog isn’t a reliable guide either. 

How many books did you read last year?
I read and reviewed 16 novels in 2015. 

In your introduction, you said that you got two more years to try and accomplish the literary goals I've always hoped ...... what are those literary goals? Are you close to accomplishing them?

Sunday, 6 November 2016

2016 Summer Read

Hello Autumn! What did I read in Summer?


I did not read as much as I would have loved to (as usual) for various reasons, first of all, "The Wretched African" is more of a scholarly read not a story per se. Secondly, Ama is a very well written historical fiction, however it is a dense read. Both factors, for instance and more,  made my summer reading progress very slow. 

As you  might have noticed, my summer read is based mainly on slavery. The East African slave trade (which I did not know about) and the  Transatlantic slave trade.

In addition, with regard to my Psychology degree studies, let me say that I did really well in my subjects, passing one with honours. I was really excited. This semester, I have registered to read Developmental Psychology I (Jean Piaget, Vygotsky and etc), Conflict and Mediation  and Intro. Research Methods in Psychology. I hope to do well again.

Sadly this summer, I found out that Elechi Amadi author of  The Concubine, an African literature classic, passed away on the 29th of June at the age of 82. Read in the guardian

Furthermore, my husband and I traveled the Crete island (Greece), it is one of our best travel experience.

We were able to enjoy sunset right on the beach, something I have always longed for.

I turned 30 on the 6th of September this year and it was such a good feeling! The picture below was actually taken the very day I turned 30.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Blogger Spotlight: James Murua Literature Blog

James Murua is a blogger and journalist born  in Kenya where he lives and currently blogs from. He has a business degree with a marketing concentration from a Kenyan university. He admits not to be in an academic environment at the moment, however, he is continually learning as part of his professional development. James Murua Literature Blog

What inspired you to start your blog?
I started it as a way to shine a light on books that I was reading that were not being talked about in the blogosphere the way that I would have loved seen done. After talking about it for a while I decided to put my money where my mouth was by registering a domain and started blogging.

How did you fall upon the name James Murua Literature Blog?

Sunday, 16 October 2016

An Image of Africa, 2002, Chinua Achebe ****

An Image of Africa is a collection of essays by the legendary Chinua Achebe. I have his other collection of (extensive) essay called The Education of a British-Protected Child first published in 2009, which I highly enjoyed. Both books were purchased in Spain, Barcelona and San Sebastian respectively.

This collection of essay is divided into two parts: one is "An Image of Africa"; Racism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness  and the other is "The Trouble with Nigeria".

The first part gives a historical perspective of the relationship of Europeans with Africans.
Africa as setting and back drop which eliminates the African as
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